Encaustic Tile Factory.

Encaustic tile for all decorative uses.


Encaustic tiles stand as exceptional decorative elements, providing a distinctive and aesthetic touch in a variety of situations:


  • In kitchens, they not only offer durability and ease of cleaning, but also embellish the space with vibrant designs.
  • In bathrooms, these tiles not only resist moisture, but also add a unique visual appeal with their slip-resistant safety.
  • In general rooms, the design versatility of encaustic tiles makes them the protagonist, creating welcoming and stylish environments.
  • For retail, their resistance to wear and tear is combined with a distinctive design, contributing to a lasting and memorable image.
  • In decorative patchworks, encaustic tiles unleash creativity by allowing unique and colourful compositions that transform any space into a living work of art.


Encaustic tiles offer durability and easy cleaning, combined with aesthetically appealing designs to enhance the appearance of the kitchen.



Ideal for bathrooms, encaustic tiles provide moisture resistance, anti-slip safety and a unique decorative touch.


General rooms

In any space, encaustic tiles stand out for their versatility in design, durability and low maintenance, creating cosy and stylish atmospheres.



With wear-resistant properties, encaustic tiles are perfect for commercial spaces, providing a distinctive and long-lasting image.



Encaustic tile patchworks allow for creative, unique and colourful compositions that add artistic appeal to any location.

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