Encaustic Tile Factory.

Handmade production.


FROM 29 EUROS. The prices of both plain (single-colour) and decorated hydraulic flooring are very competitive. Ask us for a catalogue and price table. Please indicate models, number of metres and province of destination for a detailed quotation.

We manufacture hydraulic tiles of 20×20. All the colours of the backgrounds and patterns can be combined. We can also manufacture any model out of catalogue and reproduce any hydraulic tile from an existing antique floor for its restoration, emulating with great precision both shapes and tones.

The quality of our hydraulic floor is optimal and certified by laboratory. WE SEND FREE SAMPLES so that you can verify and admire the product you are about to purchase.

The manufacturing is made with high performance materials. The colouring is of great beauty and quality thanks to our MINERAL PIGMENTS.

Quality cements, homogeneous pressing and thickness of the wearing layer are the secrets that guarantee a beautiful, strong and durable traditional floor. Our hydraulic tiles are manufactured with care and one by one.

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