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See our models on sale

See our models on sale

Hydraulic Tiles in Newport.

The Hydraulic Floor.


The hydraulic tile or hydraulic tile is a non-slip material, durable and easy to install and clean. It does not require any special maintenance. Unlike the new imitation ceramic tiles, it is manufactured manually, piece by piece, with the same noble and artisan technique that has been used since the 19th century.

Hydraulic tiles are not mechanically mass-produced, as is the case with imitation ceramic tiles. As the name suggests, these floors are made of cement compressed with hydraulic presses. This gives them great strength and solidity.

In addition to their resistance, these tiles are characterised by their versatility, their great variety of patterns and natural colours that make them suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

In addition, this workshop offers you the possibility of customising your models until you obtain a composition that is the product of your own creativity.

We faithfully reproduce old or out-of-catalogue tiles

Encaustic Tiles direct from the factory.


Beauty, colour, imagination and originality. Contact us today and make your project a reality with a unique floor that will last a lifetime. Without affecting the cost of the material, we can customise the tile pattern tones, thus adapting the character of the floor to the colours of the rest of the decoration.

The installation of Hydraulic Floor is becoming more and more common in toilets and bathrooms. Its non-slip properties make this material a colourful and elegant choice. The high quality pigments are not affected by moisture.

In addition, there are various treatments to give the surface of the tiles a gloss or different textures.
The production of the hydraulic floor has hardly changed since its origin.

The high quality of our tiles guarantees a long life in high traffic commercial floors as well as in any room of your home without compromising the colour and texture of the first day.

“As an owner of a catering business, I highly recommend hydraulic tiles for the decoration of the place. These tiles not only add a stylish and unique touch, but they are also durable and easy to maintain. Their versatility in design allowed us to customise our space, while their wear resistance and anti-slip property ensure safety and comfort for our customers. The ease of cleaning simplifies our maintenance routine, allowing us to focus on delivering an exceptional experience. The hydraulic tiles have been a valuable investment that enhances the image and functionality of our facility, and have received consistent praise from our customers.”

Karen R.

Catering Manager, Belfast

Discounted prices in our permanent stock.


Our hydraulic floor patchworks are random compositions of tiles. They are currently in great demand, as they give certain rooms in your home or business a modern and cheerful character.

You can see some examples of these combinations in the offers section of our website. We have a large stock and they are available for immediate delivery. The hydraulic floor is also suitable for exteriors.

We use high quality mineral pigments and hardening elements in the top layer of our hydraulic tiles. They combine perfectly with other materials such as clay or wood, giving an exclusive touch of elegance and originality. Our tiles are handmade one by one, so each piece is unique.

Another contemporary trend that is currently in great demand is the wall installation of hydraulic tiles.

Beautiful worktop backgrounds for kitchens, bar fronts in the hotel and catering industry, even entire walls in commercial premises.

Frequently Asked Questions.


These questions provide an overview of the most common issues related to hydraulic tiles, but please note that individual circumstances may vary, and it is advisable to consult with industry professionals for information specific to your situation.

What are encaustic tiles exactly?

Hydraulic tiles are decorative elements for floors and walls made mainly of cement, aggregates and pigments, with geometric and floral designs.

What are the advantages of using encaustic tiles compared to other types of cladding?

Authentic hydraulic tiles have little to do with imitation ceramics. They are durable, resistant, have anti-slip properties and offer a unique aesthetic appeal due to their handcrafted character.

How are encaustic tiles installed?

Installation is simple and not much different from any other material. It is carried out on a level floor with the application of mortar and the careful laying of the tiles with the same mortar or thin-set mortar.

How are encaustic tiles cleaned and cared?

They can be cleaned with water and non-abrasive detergents. The protective treatment we provide protects them definitively against stains and dampness and facilitates the cleaning itself.

Are encaustic tiles slippery?

Hydraulic tiles are anti-slip ‘Class C’ and this makes them ideal for bathrooms and other rooms.

Are there customised design options?

We offer customisation options, allowing customers to change the colours of the designs as they wish, even creating unique designs to suit their preferences.

Are encaustic tiles suitable for kitchens and bathrooms?

Yes, hydraulic tiles are commonly installed in kitchens and bathrooms due to their anti-slip properties. The treatment we provide protects them against the most common stains in kitchens.
baldosa hidráhulica personalizada

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